All comments to CF Diary, Seats and candidates and the London Mayor section of ConservativeHome have always been subject to moderation.  None appear until they have been approved by a member of the editorial team.  Moderation is now being implemented on every ConservativeHome page including the newslinks page, ToryDiary and Platform.

I’ve long resisted this change because I’ve been reluctant to slow discussions.

I’ve decided to act because the worst visitors have been driving out the best.

I do not mind criticism of the leadership and its strategy but too many comment-ers are only ever destructive.

There is also too much trading of personal and petty insults.

I’m fully prepared to see the number of comments decline in the short-term if I can encourage some of the old visitors back and they can know that conversations here will be more civilised and friendly.

I’m not trying to limit debate but I am determined to enforce the comments policy that can be read here.

I’ll review this new policy over time.

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