The Sunday Telegraph has a preview of the major recommendations of John Redwood’s competitiveness report:

  • The scrapping of working time regulations and, even more controversially, all data protection laws, which the report will say are an "expensive bureaucracy which fails to protect people’s data".
  • Less regulation of the financial services industry – including deregulation of the mortgage industry.
  • Less Health & Safety burdens on care homes in order to increase the number of places for elderly and disabled people.
  • Easing of regulations that govern how firms make employees redundant.
  • The scrapping of Home Information Packs.
  • Britain should opt out of the EU directive on food supplements.
  • "Charities offering bingo competitions or raffles should no longer need a gaming licence."
  • An end of IR35.

Stop for sharp intake of breath.

If implemented in full this deregulation package would, it is claimed, save British business £14bn.  Patience Wheatcroft gives Mr Redwood’s ideas a warm welcome.

My guess is that Labour will see huge electoral opportunities from this report.  Expect the Brown machine to mount a massive scare campaign whether or not David Cameron embraces the recommendations.

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