Nicolas Sarkozy’s holiday in America is a first for a sitting French president.  It’s certainly the first time that a sitting French President has holidayed in the US.  A few years ago American conservatives were boycotting ‘French fries’ in protest at Jacques Chirac’s anti-Americanism.  Restaurants in southern states chose to serve ‘freedom fries’ instead.  How long before French fries are the potato of choice for all admirers of the horse-riding, jogging Monsieur Sarkozy?

Politicians’ choices of holiday location have always interested commentators.  Tony Blair’s annual acceptance of freebie, exotic holidays caused fury at the Daily Mail.  Margaret Thatcher’s short breaks testified to her work ethic and her choice of Cornwall to her patriotism.  Who can forget those windswept images of her being pulled along a beach by an enthusiastic dog?

In recent days Gordon Brown has cancelled his holiday in order to micromanage his Government’s response to Foot & Mouth.  Is this sensible?  How long until our new Prime Minister is exhausted and making mistakes?

The Prime Minister’s choice of a UK holiday marks a contrast not only with Tony Blair but also David Cameron.  The Tory leader is enjoying his second foreign holiday of the year – in France.  I’m glad he’s gone ahead with his break.  He’ll be more refreshed for the challenges of the autumn. George W Bush makes a virtue out of taking extended holidays at his Crawford ranch in Texas.

Your discussion point for today: Do the holiday choices of politicians matter?

And, yes, this post is a silly season stocking filler of a post!

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