Leshinton372_2 In a rare interview in September’s Esquire magazine Les Hinton, the executive chairman of News International (owners of the Times, the Sunday Times, the Sun and the News of the World), said that the next election will be "the first time we’ve had a contest since 1992" and that it is "impossible to say" who will win it.

He said that "the next year will show that Brown has been underestimated and my guess is that he will turn out to be formidable." Adding "Brown is a formidable intellect. So is Blair, but he had the ability to be a bit more folksy – which Gordon is learning."

On David Cameron Les Hinton said "Cameron has made some horrible misjudgements but is still a fresh, eager, clever man."

Les Hinton is Rupert Murdoch’s right hand man in the UK, he was a 15 year old copy boy on the Adelaide News when he met a 28 year old Rupert Murdoch. Whether the views he expressed are his bosses we do not know but they are certainly observations worth noting from a former journalist who runs some of Britain’s biggest newspapers.

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