Lord_marlandLord Marland, who was Conservative Party Treasurer until six months ago, has been interviewed by the Telegraph about the party’s progress:

"David Cameron was elected on a change agenda, a change of emphasis, a change of strategy and a change of direction of the party. Turbulence happens in politics. It happened to Thatcher, it happened to Major, it happened to Churchill. It is the strength of the politician when they come out the other side. Don’t forget that David had been ahead in the polls 18 months ago."

He goes on to dismiss criticisms from former donors Lord Kalms and Sir Tom Cowie, particularly that the party is run by arrogant Old Etonians, and says that there is too much press focus on the motives of big donors.

Also in the news today, the Times Business section reports that Marland and the billionaire Reuben brothers may make a joint $3bn bid for the Orient Express hotel group.

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