The Daily Mail is reporting that the Conservative Party’s Quality of Life group under the chairmanship of John Gummer and Zac Goldsmith will recommend:

  • "A moratorium on all airport expansion, including Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted;
  • The imposition of VAT on fuel for domestic flights;
  • A "single flight tax" to shift tax burden from passengers to airlines;
  • Domestic flight slots to be handed to long-haul trips instead."

The Mail also suggests that the BAA London airports ‘monopoly’ will be broken up and 4×4 cars will face higher duties.

The second and potentially very bureaucratic tax on a person’s second annual foreign flight has apparently been ditched.

Higher green taxation will be used by George Osborne to fund lower taxes on families and business.

12.30pm update: The story is actually a London Evening Standard exclusive (Standard stories appear on Mail Online).  A Standard leader welcomes the "progressive thinking" in the report but warns that it could undermine the already "shaky" support for the Tories in the business community.

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