Newbies_2 Conservative Home’s July survey of Tory members was the first opportunity to rate the six individuals who David Cameron recently appointed as full members of the shadow cabinet.

Michael Gove emerges as the individual who commands the most support of members.  56% said that they were satisfied with him and only 18% dissatisfied.

Sayeeda Warsi is at the bottom of the mini league.  Only 25% are satisfied and 33% dissatisfied.  Her appointment has angered both liberals and hawks.  Liberals have been worried about her commitment to gay rights and security hawks have worried about her approach to tackling extremism.  David Cameron hopes that her charisma will eventually make her an asset.

For the second month running William Hague is the most popular member of the shadow cabinet.  87% of party members are satisfied with his performance and just 9% dissatisfied.  Yesterday we speculated about a bigger role for the former leader.  87% of members are happy with David Davis and 10% dissatisfied.

Caroline Spelman also emerges well from the survey.  51% are satisfied with her early performance as Party Chairman and just 23% are dissatisfied.  Francis Maude regularly ranked negatively in the ConservativeHome survey.

Iain Dale compiles a monthly media tarts survey of the shadow cabinet – rating their media mentions.  It’s a crude measure of the shadow cabinet’s work-rate but always worth reading.

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