"I spoke to the Prime Minister this morning and have been meeting with farmers here in Oxfordshire. We fully support imposing a ban on the movement of farm animals – this was one of the vital lessons learnt in 2001.  Livestock farmers face real difficulties with higher feed prices, the dislocation caused by floods and TB in cattle. We must do everything possible to make sure this is not a further blow to farming.  The other great lesson from 2001 is that it was not just farmers that suffered but also shops, holiday cottages, pubs and hotels. People who are planning to go on holiday in the countryside must go ahead. Farmers and rural communities should know that the whole country is on their side."

10.45pm: According to BBC Online the strain of Foot and mouth "is one not normally found in animals and is linked to vaccines.  It is identical to the strain used at the Institute for Animal Health at Pirbright, three miles from the farm."  Warmwell is suggesting that the outbreak may not be sourced at the Government laboratory of Pirbright but Merial, "the pharmaceutical company whose research work into FMD etc also requires biocontainment facilities, [and] is very close."

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