A Populus survey of 1,511 people for tomorrow’s Times gives Gordon Brown a 39% to 33% advantage over David Cameron’s Conservatives.  The 6% lead is smaller than the 9% lead identified by YouGov last Friday but 3% bigger than last month’s Populus survey.

On a scale of 0 to 10 Populus asked for voters’ assessment of how various actors responded to the recent flooding.  Brown at 5.05 outpolled David Cameron on 3.75 but both were overshadowed by the ratings for the Armed Forces
(7.82) and the fire service (8.72).

Gordon Brown (who affirmed the special relationship with George W Bush earlier today) was rated as having what it takes to be a good Prime Minister by 56% of respondents.  32% thought
David Cameron has what it takes.  By 46% to 25% David Cameron was seen as more charismatic.

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