We don’t have a full list yet but here are some early highlights:

  • Adam Afriyie, will join David Willetts’ innovation, universities and skills team;
  • David Burrowes, a solicitor by background, will work with Nick Herbert at Justice;
  • Justine Greening joins the Treasury team;
  • Mike Penning to Health; and
  • Ben Wallace joins the Scottish team.

These five new frontbenchers are pictured below (alphabetically from left to right):

Fivemps_2Five 2005ers join the whips’ office: Richard Benyon, Nick Hurd, Brooks Newmark, Stewart Jackson and Jeremy Wright.

The most interesting appointment I have heard so far is of Paul Goodman MP to work alongside Sayeeda Warsi in the communities portfolio.  Paul wrote an article about Islamism for ConservativeHome at the start of the year.  It’s one of the best pieces we have ever published.  The development of the Goodman-Warsi partnership will be interesting to watch.

More later.

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