7.25pm: It appears that Oliver Heald has been chopped.

7pm: Hammond is new Shadow Chief Secretary.

6.46pm: Alan Duncan and Andrew Lansley staying put.

6.45pm: Villiers moves to Transport and Grayling to Pensions. What has happened to Hammond?

6.40pm: There is some confusion but we’ve now had confirmation that both Sayeeda Warsi and Neville-Jones have been recommended for the Lords.

6.17pm: Ben Brogan says that Osborne and Hague, who don’t have insignificant roles as it is, are getting additional responsibilities – overseeing campaigning and policy making respectively.

6pm: Sayeeda Warsi is going to the Lords, Neville-Jones is not (although the BBC says she is too).

5.56pm: James Forsyth highlights this article by Dr Brendan Simms about Pauline Neville-Jones’ antiquated approach to foreign policy. She was dubbed "Pauline Neville-Chamberlain" by the Americans for her constant appeasement of the Serbs (she opposed intervention in Bosnia and later did business deals with Slobodan Milosevic).

5.44pm: Hague, Osborne and Davis confirmed in position.

5.23pm: Owen Paterson is new Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary.  David Lidington becomes Number 2 to William Hague.  Eric Pickles replaces new Chairman Caroline Spelman as Shadow Local Government Minister.

5.20pm: Francis Maude to stay in shadow cabinet – shadowing Ed Miliband’s Cabinet Office role.

5.17pm: Jeremy Hunt is new Culture, Media & Sport spokesman.  Swire out of shadow cabinet – perhaps off frontbench.

Nick Herbert goes to Justice.

5.10pm: Dame Neville-Jones to join shadow cabinet as Security spokesman and Sayeeda Warsi to go to Lords and have responsibility for community relations.

Nick Herbert also promoted to shadow cabinet.  Not clear to what.

David Willetts and Michael Gove to share schools and skills brief.

5pm: Liam Fox to stay in post.

4.27pm: Announcement of major appointments promised by 5pm today.

4.24pm: The Evening Standard says that Maude will be demoted (Ben Brogan thinks he may be promoted) and that Willetts will be moved – although the splitting of the DFES makes that a necessity.

4.15pm: It is reported that a Shadow Cabinet Reshuffle is underway. Ben Brogan reports that George Osborne will not be moved and Iain Dale earlier said that Caroline Spelman will be chairman in 24 hours.

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