12.23pm: Julian Lewis MP asks for a commitment that the number of Royal Navy frigates would not fall below 25.  GB gave no such guarantee and taunted the Tories by saying that George Osborne was unwilling to make any commitments to increased defence spending.

12.16pm: Ann Widdecombe asks if the Prime Minister is aware that Britain – in 9 hours – is about to deport a Christian lady to Iran who is under a death threat.  GB promises to look at the issue urgently.

12.15pm: Ming asked about the Rowntree report and the growing gap between the rich and poor.

12.11pm: At the end of his questions – to loud Tory cheers – DC listed Labour’s failures on prisons and said that the country was witnessing the same old broken promises, the same old incompetence and the same old Labour.  Expect those lines of attack – broken promises, incompetence and no real change – to be key themes from the Conservative leader.

12.06pm: DC says that violent offenders were released early.  He alleges that prison and probation staff had objected to certain releases of violent prisoners and they had been over-ruled.  When GB said that he would ask the Justice Minister to write to DC about the ‘over-rulings’, DC attacked the Prime Minister for not  knowing that these over-rulings had taken place.  He accused GB of not knowing what was going on in the prisons and asked for a guarantee that early releases would not happen again.  GB countered that releases were an exceptional measure and said that the Conservatives had twice undertaken early releases.  He said that the Tories were unwilling to invest in the extra prison places and neighbourhood policing.

12.04pm: David Cameron asks about early prisoner releases.  GB says that noone serving for a serious violent offence was released early and noone was released more than 18 days early.

12.02pm: In answer to a question from a Labour backbencher on drug policy, GB promised a review of policy and hinted that cannabis might be classified more tightly as a result.

11.23am: This is Cameron’s third clash with Prime Minister Brown.

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