ChairmanchoicesIn the June survey of ConservativeHome readers we asked for your opinion on who should be the next Conservative Party Chairman. We asked you to choose between the five likeliest candidates – based on the possibly false assumption that David Cameron will not move William Hague or George Osborne.

25% of the 1,316 respondents hoped that Francis Maude would stay at CCHQ.  Alan Duncan (21.9%) was the most popular choice of the four other candidates.  There was then Eric Pickles (19.6%), Caroline Spelman – the current favourite (16.8%) and then ConservativeHome’s own tip, Chris Grayling (16.7%).

There were 88 suggestions left in the ‘Other’ box and 25 of you nominated Iain Duncan Smith as your ideal choice.  Next was Boris Johnson with nine votes.  [I am aware that many of you could not access the ‘Other’ box.  I apologise for that technical problem].

The reshuffle had been expected today or tomorrow but the recent terror scares may delay it.  There is speculation in The Telegraph from Andrew Pierce that William Hague and George Osborne may swap jobs.  He reports that many Tory MPs consider Mr Osborne is too young and inexperienced for the Treasury brief.  I recommended such a move at the end of the year but have given up repeating it because I do not believe that David Cameron would move the man who successfully chaired his 2005 leadership bid.

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