Fraser Nelson, on The Spectator’s Coffee House, is reporting that Steve Hilton, David Cameron’s leading adviser, is behind a new blog that will champion a more Cameroonian view of the world.  I do not know if Steve does want to build an alternative to ConservativeHome but I wish Fiona Melville and her team every success with their ‘Platform Ten’.  It’s another confirmation of the right’s leadership of the blogosphere that Peter Franklin discussed on Wednesday.  ConservativeHome has always be open about our worldview and this week published a manifesto setting out our core beliefs.  We look forward to linking to ‘Platform Ten’ when it launches.

7.30pm: Iain Dale says he knows that Steve Hilton is not behind the site.  I do not think he’s right to be so emphatic.  Here is the holding page and logo for Platform 10.  Guido has some nice things to say about ConservativeHome in his post about ‘CameroonHome’.  Thank you Mr Fawkes!  Dizzy is worried that a battle of the right-wing blogs might get messy.

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