12.29pm: Ben Wallace becomes fourth Tory MP to raise the ‘Scottish problem’. Newly promoted to the frontbench as a shadow Scottish spokesman Mr Wallace says that it is unfair that the Prime Minister is able to make health policy for people in England but MPs for English seats cannot do the same for Scotland.  GB responds by saying that the Tories have failed to accept devolution.

12.28pm: A second Labour MP raises the SJPG report.

12.23pm: Angela Watkinson repeats an unanswered question from David Evennett about why nurses in Scotland get paid more than nurses in England.  AW’s questions follows a question from Andrew Rosindell seeking support for English Votes for English Laws.  Tory MPs are clearly working away at the PM’s ‘Scottish problem’.

Brownpmqs12.17pm: In response to a question from a Labour MP for Blackpool GB says that investment in the tram system, a new museum of the theatre and a new conference centre could all be ways of renovating the town.

12.15pm: Peter Tapsell asks about pensions.

12.11pm: Ming raises the issue of fraud and tax credits.  GB responds with lots of stats about lots of extra welfare benefits from Labour.

David Cameron says that under Labour there’ll be
"more closures, more removal of services, more job cuts". GB responds by saying that the Government has delivered 80,000 more
nurses and 30,000 more doctors.  He attacks DC as focusing on PR.  He’ll focus on being PM, he declares to Labour cheers.

12.03pm: David Cameron challenges Gordon Brown on the NHS.  DC focuses on the danger of hospital closures.  GB responds with statistics on hospital investment and says that the Conservatives will never invest to the same extent as Labour.   

12.02pm: Labour MP Andy Reed invited Brown to scrap his predecessor’s plans for super casinos.  GB did not rule out doing so.

12.01pm: Henry Bellingham MP asks Gordon Brown about the fact that one of the 21/7 bombers was a Hizb ut-Tahrir member and had thwarted UK border controls.  The Prime Minister said that he would keep Hizb ut-Tahrir’s status under constant review and that ID cards would help the fight against terror.

11.45am: Great graphic on the Daily Politics to mark Brown’s Queen’s Speech preview exercise…

11am: What would you ask the Prime Minister about?

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