3.45am: CCHQ statement: "It
is usual for the party that starts in third place to end up being
squeezed out of contention but in Ealing Southall, not only did Tony
Lit maintain our proportion of the vote, he increased it too. During
the campaign, five Labour Councillors recognised that the Conservative
Party is the Party that represents modern Britain and opted to join us,
meaning we now have a solid base in Southall for the first time since
the 1920s. Labour’s
majority in Ealing Southall has been cut in half and this is the first
time the Liberal Democrats have failed to win at a Parliamentary
by-election from starting in second place since 1989."

2.40am: Tories confirmed as third-placed in Ealing by the BBC: "Thursday’s by-election saw Labour take 15,188 votes, the Lib Dems 10,118 and the Conservatives 8,230."

2am: Labour hold Sedgefield and LibDems overtake Tories to win second place – BBC

11.50pm: LibDems are claiming that the Tories are third in both by-elections. LibDem campaign manager Chris Rennard told PA: "It looks as
though Tories are third in both Sedgefield and Ealing Southall. We are confident they are in third place.
That is abject humiliation for David Cameron’s Conservatives. In Ealing
they have made no progress on the last election and in Sedgefield they
have slipped into third place."

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