The Press Association is reporting an ICM poll for tomorrow’s News of the World that gives Labour a 35% to 28% lead over the Conservatives.  And just to underline that these headline percentages look very low, the LibDems are down on just 13%.

53% of respondents told ICM that Gordon Brown was best equipped to lead Britain – nearly twice as many as the 27% who had that opinion of David Cameron.

7.25pm: The Sunday Telegraph has just been in touch to say that they have an ICM survey which also has ICM 7% ahead but with much more sensible-sounding headline numbers: Labour 40%, Tories 33% and LibDems 19%.

7.35pm: From PA on The Sunday Telegraph survey: "Some 70% of voters felt it was better for parents to be married.  However, opinion was split on giving tax incentives for marriage, as backed by Mr Cameron this week.  While 49% backed the plan, 44% opposed it."

10.15am on 15th July: We may now have the explanation for the funny NotW numbers.  The question ICM asked was not a usual voting intention but "Now Brown has taken over, and faces Cameron and Campbell, are you feeling warmer to the idea of supporting… Labour/ Conservative/ LibDem etc?"

4pm: Graphic added below.


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