On Saturday I posted a piece about the possibility of John Bercow defecting to Labour.  Although the three sources who provoked the feature are reliable – and although I highlighted the post’s speculative nature – I now regret that post.  I had a long conversation with John Bercow yesterday and he assured me that he has no intention of defecting.  My contacts still worry about John Bercow’s intentions but I am happy to take him at his word.  100%.

Although ConservativeHome has published more than 3,500 posts over the last two years the post on Saturday is the first to cause me real regret.  I had attempted to contact John Bercow before writing the piece but should have waited until my efforts were successful before writing what I did.

John Bercow promises to remain a Conservative MP. I look forward to applauding his championing of international justice
issues but also to disagreeing with the positions he is now taking on issues
like the family and on tax.

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