Two Saturdays ago I had to report that Labour had moved ahead by 3% and that was before the Brown honeymoon.  I have better news for you tonight.  Ten days into the Brown honeymoon and an ICM survey for tomorrow’s Sunday Mirror puts Labour just 2% ahead.  By 37% to 35% there is no sign that Brown’s first acts as Prime Minister have produced anything like the take-off that his close advisers had hoped for or the blanket coverage might have produced.

The LibDems remain subdued on 17%.

There is no room for complacency, however, in the Tory camp.  52% of voters thought Gordon Brown had performed better than expected since replacing Tony Blair.  By 52% to 20% – a massive lead – the new Prime Minister was preferred over the Tory leader on ability to handle terrorism.  The Labour leader also enjoys a 43% to 37% advantage on Cameron’s trademark issue – the environment.

ConservativeHome hears consistently good reports from the Ealing Southall by-election.  A victory for Tony Lit would be a certain way of killing the Brown bounce.  It might also force LibDems to replace Menzies Campbell.  Click here to offer help in the Ealing or Sedgefield by-elections.

10.45pm: UK Polling Report has an interesting post that analyses the historical impact on a party’s fortunes of a mid-term change in Prime Minister.

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