One of the most interesting findings in the YouGov survey for today’s Daily Telegraph (its headline 9% Labour lead was reported here last night) is overwhelming public support for extra detention powers for the police.  74% favoured "detaining terrorist suspects without charge for as long as the police need to carry out their enquiries, provided adequate judicial safeguards are in place."  17% did not favour such powers and 9% didn’t know.  Tory MPs are overwhelmingly opposed to these extra powers.

Conservatives must find their own security issues – including the banning of extremist Muslim organisations like Hizb ut Tahrir – if they are to become competitive with Labour on security.  This is no time to allow Brown to dominate the agenda.  It’s time for hardball tactics against Labour’s record.  The summer must see the Tories launch a guerrila war against the Brown administration and its record.

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