Yesterday we published the headline 6% Labour lead suggested by Ipsos-MORI.  Ipsos-MORI have just published some more detail of their survey of 954 adults.  Answers to Questions 7 and 8 show that ‘race relations and immigration’ remains the most important issue for 23% of respondents.  The same percentage agree that defence, foreign affairs and international terrorism are the most important issues facing Britain today.  That would also be ConservativeHome’s top issue.  Crime comes next (12%) for voters, then the NHS (7%), then housing (6%) then education (5%).

Economic issues figure low on voters’ concerns in this poll.  2% say the economy is the most important issue facing Britain today (7% say it is an important issue); 2% identify unemployment (7%) and 1% tax (7%).

Europe hardly registers either.  Only 1% think it the most important issue.  3% think it an important issue.

The core vote issues of crime, Europe, immigration and tax are often lumped together but crime and immigration appear to be significantly more salient as issues.

Pollution and the environment (3%/ 9%) are not near the top of voters’ concerns but some political strategists regard it as a ‘permission issue’.  Only when a political party crosses a minimum ethical threshold – on issues like concern for vulnerable people and for the environment – does it, the theory goes, become a voting option for certain values-orientated voters.

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