Other blogs have noted George Bridges’ decision to resign from his senior campaign post at CCHQ.  As Ben Brogan points out, it was only recently reported that he had been tasked with ‘bomb-proofing’ the policy review process.  The conspiracy theorists will, no doubt, be out in force.  It may be true that, as Ben Brogan writes, the increasingly influential Lord Ashcroft was not a big admirer of George but my understanding is that he decided to quit because he’s getting married.  Simple as that.  He didn’t want to spend the first months and years of married life juggling a political position that often needs 24/7 attention.

While we were on the subject of CCHQ I learnt out one thing earlier today that horrified me.  I was speaking to a very senior political journalist and they told me that days go by without a call from Team Cameron’s press operation.  Hours don’t go by, this journalist told me, without a call from Team Brown.  Over to you Andy Coulson

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