Samuel Coates and I are currently in New York.  It’s part of a four week fact-finding tour of the English-speaking world that will include time in Canada and Australia.  Sam is also going on to New Zealand.  At the end of the four weeks we will be writing a number of essays on the health of conservatism in the Anglosphere.

We spent some time today with the Giuliani campaign.  ConservativeHome readers recently voted the former New York Mayor as their overwhelming favourite to be the next US President.  Listed at the bottom of this note are his twelve key commitments to the American people.

Giuliani will speak to a London event in early September as a guest of Liam Fox’s Atlantic Bridge.  Margaret Thatcher will also be present.  It’s quite a coup for Dr Fox and follows Fred Thompson’s visit to London last month.  A visit to Lady Thatcher now appears to be an essential component of any Republican hopeful’s campaign.

Rudy’s twelve commitments:

  1. I will keep America on offense in the Terrorists’ War on us
  2.   I will end illegal immigration, secure our borders, and identify every non-citizen in our nation.
  3.   I will restore fiscal discipline and cut wasteful Washington spending.
  4.   I will cut taxes and reform the tax code.
  5.   I will impose accountability on Washington.
  6.   I will lead America towards energy independence.
  7.   I will give Americans more control over and access to health care with affordable and portable free-market solutions.
  8.   I will increase adoptions, decrease abortions, and protect the quality of life for our children.
  9.   I will reform the legal system and appoint strict constructionist judges.
  10.   I will ensure that every community in America is prepared for terrorist attacks and natural disasters.
  11.   I will provide access to a quality education to every child in America by giving real school choice to parents.
  12. I will expand America’s involvement in the global economy and strengthen our reputation around the world.

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