We hope you like it.

We have had the following main aims:

  • To make the site easier to navigate.
  • To increase the prominence of links to blogs. That explains the new middle column on the frontpage that will cover blogs and news as the day develops.
  • To provide some new functionality.  There is now, for example, a search facility in the right hand column.  You can use it for searching within ConservativeHome or across the whole worldwide web.
  • To drop the old first column so that Blackberry and PDA users can go directly to the main story.

There will also be a new page from tomorrow – our columnists page. ‘The magnificent seven’ of Stephan Shakespeare, Andrew Lilico, Peter Franklin, Louise Bagshawe, Theresa May MP, Cameron Watt and Graeme Archer have agreed to write every week.  Some have been deliberately chosen to broaden the range of perspectives you read on this site.  The page kicks off properly tomorrow with a contribution from Andrew Lilico.

That commitment to broadening the range of perspectives is one of the six themes of the ConservativeHome manifesto.  That manifesto – published today – sets out the core beliefs of this site.

Grateful for your comments.  We’re happy to make changes…

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