After satisfaction with the Conservative leader slumped at the end of May to 61% and dissatisfaction rose to 39% (following the grammar schools row), there has been another very slight deterioration in June.  Just 58% of Tory members are now satisfied with David Cameron and 40% are dissatisfied with their leader’s performance.  In January 2006, 82% were satisfied with David Cameron and just 16% dissatisfied.

The Brown honeymoon may have contributed to David Cameron’s continued difficulties with grassroots members.  52% now think it likely that David Cameron will be Prime Minister after the election.  That compares to 72% in January 2007 and 77% in January 2006.

David Davis has lost his place as the most popular member of the shadow cabinet but only by a handful of members’ votes.  In round percentages William Hague and David Davis each have a net satisfaction rating of +74% (86% satisfied, 12% dissatisfied).

Two of the least popular shadow cabinet members were Francis Maude and David Willetts.  46% of members were satisfied with the now former Chairman and 48% dissatisfied.  David Willetts’ ratings slumped last month and have not recovered.  36% were satisfied and 59% were dissatisfied by the end of June.

Hugo Swire’s ratings fell very sharply in the last month.  In May 40% were satisfied and 23% dissatisfied.  By the end of June only 29% were satisfied and 40% dissatisfied.

1,316 Tory members took part in the ConservativeHome survey which was conducted from 29th June to 2nd July.

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