Interviewed on Sky News David Cameron said: "This is the Conservative Party, but what we are not going to do is retreat to the comfort zone.  I made changes to and with the Conservative Party over the last 18 months for a very clear purpose, to get us back into the centre ground, to get us into a position where people listen to what we were saying, where we are more in touch with Britain as it is today."

Watch the full interview by clicking here.

Editor’s comment: "The above quotation gets to the heart of the problem with Project Cameron. He describes the move to the centre ground as essential to ensure that voters listen to the Tories again. That’s a political strategist talking – not a conviction politician. He should be explaining that his deepest beliefs are the reasons for the changes the party is making. He should be connecting everything he has done – not to some political marketing plan – but to his commitment to the family, the NHS and to a Britain able to govern itself."

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