Speaking before the House of Commons goes into recess tomorrow, David Cameron told Conservative MPs that there would be no change of direction.  He called for "discipline, passion and hunger" from the whole parliamentary party and for internal debates and arguments to be kept out of the newspapers.

The Press Association reports that he told MPs that now was not the time to change strategy but that it was "the time to reaffirm our
strategy."  He promised that there would be as much emphasis on issues like crime as on quality of life issues.  Speaking again as a political strategist he said: "Remember that elections are always won on the centre ground."

Mr Cameron promised MPs that Conservatives would be active throughout the summer months.  Voters would be warned that they had the choice to be "stuck with Labour or
get on with the Conservatives".

He claimed that Gordon Brown’s decision to establish a Border Force – a long-standing Tory idea – was another sign that the Conservatives were setting the agenda.

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