Joyce_anelay Baroness Joyce Anelay is joining the Shadow Cabinet as the Opposition Chief Whip in the Lords when Lord Cope retires on 27th July.

Baroness Anelay has long been active in the Conservative Party, serving as Chairman of the Conservative Woman’s National Committee from 1993-96 and as Vice-President of the National Union 1996-97. Made a life peer in 1996 she is one of the last people who will make it to the (Shadow) Cabinet having worked their way to the very top of the voluntary party.

Before being appointed a life peer she had worked as a history teacher and volunteered at Woking Citizens’ Advice Bureau (she is now its President) was a Justice of the Peace in North West Surrey and sat on Social Security Appeal Tribunals for 13 years.

In the Lords Baroness Anelay has served as an Opposition Whip on Home Affairs, Social Security and Agriculture; Opposition Spokesman on Agriculture; and Opposition Spokesman for Culture, Media and Sport and, since 2002 Shadow Minister for Home Affairs.

In comments elsewhere on the site former CCHQ Adviser Tom Greeves has said:

"Joyce was on the Culture, Media and Sport team when I was at CCO, and she is quite outstanding. She is a master of detail, a shrewd analyst, and a team player. She’s also highly personable, and although this isn’t an obvious media role, I think DC would be well advised to get her on the TV as much as possible."

I was a colleague of Joyce’s too, at MAFF and DCMS, and would agree with everything Tom has said. She will be a real asset to the Shadow Cabinet.

Andrew Burkinshaw

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