Conservatives have long worried about the BBC and this year has provided new evidence for the BBC’s unreliability:

Today we have substantial evidence of faked phone-ins including for the Comic Relief programme.

Our new Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP has issued an appropriately strong statement:

“This is a grim day for the BBC.  Mark Thompson has uncovered a hornet’s nest of deception at what was Britain’s most trusted broadcaster.  The most worrying thing is the impact it will have on charitable giving, as many of the fake winners were in programmes raising money for good causes.  Tough words are fine but the proof of the pudding is what actually changes.  At stake is not just standards of BBC broadcasting but also the new governance arrangements, which the BBC has assured us will be more effective than the old cosy arrangements with the BBC Governors.  The bottom line is not just can we trust the Beeb, but can we trust the Trust?”

I’m hoping for an equally robust answer from Jeremy on my recent question about BBC reform.  Hoping.  Not necessarily expecting!

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