After some criticism for failing to be sufficiently robust about the Government and Environment Agency’s response to the floods and investment in flood defences, Peter Ainsworth MP has intervened to attack the bonuses paid to ‘flood protection chiefs’.  Nine executives including Labour peer Baroness Young received bonuses of 10% or more.  The Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment said that executives and directors of the Agency had failed to protect people’s homes:

"The Environment Agency recognised there were serious deficiencies in flood defences. Their failure has been in not preventing the Government cutting their budget and take warnings seriously enough."

The Telegraph has the full story.

1pm update: Further comment from Ainsworth:

“In the end the responsibility for budget cuts and problems with
the response to the flooding lie firmly with the Government. However,
if I worked at the Environment Agency in charge of flooding and I had
just received a £24,000 bonus I would donate the money to the flood
victims. It would be a nice gesture and would be well received but in
the end the decision has to be made by the staff and their

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