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The two most encouraging findings for us are at the top and bottom of the box – you most value this site as a way of giving grassroots members a platform for their views.  One commentator said to me only recently that the site ensured that the views of James Hellyer (who doesn’t comment as much as he once did) go straight into the in-box of the nation’s political editors.  A scary thought for Team Cameron for those who know Mr Hellyer’s views!

The other encouraging finding is that only 13.9% think the site is too critical of the leadership.  Although Sam and I are encouraged by this result it is our intention to work harder to ensure voices that support Project Cameron appear more regularly on YourPlatform and we provide more news coverage of announcements by the shadow cabinet.

30.4% want more attacks on Labour and the LibDems.  As we get closer to the election, and once the policy direction of the party is settled, you will see ConservativeHome directing more fire at our political opponents (like with the Going Down With Gordon Brown video).  In the meantime, however, we will continue to be that grassroots forum for discussing David Cameron’s modernisation programme.

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