William Hill are taking bets on another: "10/1 Labour MP to go Tory. After a Tory MP defected to Labour,
William Hill offer 5/1 that another one will do so before the end of
next year; and 10/1 that a Labour MP will cross the floor to join the

Ben Brogan has talked to Davies (as has Nick Robinson) who told him he doesn’t want to go to the Lords: "I’ve just had a word with Quentin Davies. He made up his mind at the
weekend, and met with the Chancellor yesterday to announce his
decision. He then showed Mr Brown the letter he planned to send to Mr
Cameron, which was delivered to the Tory leader’s office at the same
time as it was released to the Press Association at 2.45 today. Mr
Davies and Mr Cameron have not spoken."

Mark Littler is pessimistic on the 18DS blog: "In a party already so divided, it is hard to imagine how, if at all,
Cameron can recover from such a major setback, particularly bearing in
mind the disastrous timing. The question on many peoples minds will be
however, whether or not the new Labour MP will find his way into the
cabinet, and if this defection is merely the tip of the iceberg – a
taste of things yet to come."

Martin Hill, Conservative leader of Lincolnshire County Council, told the BBC: "I think it’s a slap in the face for all of those people who supported and went round for him. I feel very strongly, I don’t approve of politicians
who stand under one flag and then change to another flag for their own
convenience. It is an act of treachery and betrayal, frankly."

Quoted in the same BBC piece Lord Tebbit is on good form: "This defection will raise the average standard of members on the Conservative side and lower it on the Labour side", David Davis said he was "extremely surprised" and Nicolas Winterton wished him "good riddance".

Facebook has a new group created by ex-CCHQ staffer Laura Clark entitled: "When MPs defect there should be a by-election"

Nigel Evans MP on Facebook: "Quentin Davies is doing the Temple Morris Shuffle to the
Lords….pathetic……he should resign today and let the people of his
seat decide which Party they want representing them in Westminster. His
letter is pure poison set to deliver the worst damage to Cameron,
whilst his timing is pure choreography timed to deliver the best lift
to Brown."

Alastair Burt MP on this post: "As a long time friend of Quentin DaviesI cannot tell you how personally
betrayed I feel. He has no idea of what he has done. The weasel words
do him no credit. We all have to compromise at times to work with a
team, and reap the benefits of that teams hard work on our behalf, from
those who work for us locally, with none of the pay and perks of an MP,
to the colleagues who stand shoulder to shoulder with us. I rarely have
a harsh word for anyone. But Quentin? Don’t even bother to call or come
near your former colleagues. Contempt does not begin to cover it."

We’ll update this with any other good ones you point to…

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