20070618channel4poll_3 A YouGov survey for tonight’s Channel 4 News suggests that David Cameron may be seen as more moderate than his predecessor Michael Howard but the Tory party as a whole is still seen as much further to the right than Labour is seen as to the left.  On a scale of -100% (very left-wing) to +100% (very right-wing) we have Gordon Brown on -26%, the Labour party as a whole (-22%), Ming Campbell (-15%), the average voter’s self-perception (+1%), David Cameron (+33%) and the Conservative Party as a whole (+52%).

44% (against 17%) of those questioned by YouGov agree that the Conservative Party "will prevent David Cameron’s policies from being as moderate as he would like them to be".

Conservatives have been trying to suggest that Labour is lurching to the left.  Voters are yet to be persuaded of this.  Only 25% expect Labour to be too left-wing against 41% who do not.

C4logo_2 On ‘trusted to take the right decisions on public services’, ‘understands the concerns of people like you’ and ‘trusted to tell the truth’, Gordon Brown and David Cameron are seen as more or less level-pegging.  Brown enjoys a big advantage on the heavyweight/ leightweight scale, however.  Brown has a +50% net rating on those who think he is a heavyweight over a lightweight but Cameron is -44%.

Watch Channel 4 at 7pm tonight for more.  Click here for the last time this analysis was published – since when Cameron has moved very slightly to the centre and Brown slightly more to the left. 

The good news in that comparison is that Brown is now seen as 30% more to the left than Blair was last February.

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