Libdemsbrown This morning’s Guardian reveals that Gordon Brown has been holding secret talks with Ming Campbell about possible LibDem participation in his first Cabinet.  Reading the article it appears that a deal may be impossible but it’s further confirmation of what we all know: Ming’s heart is on the left and there is every chance that he’ll get into bed with Brown after the next election and little chance that he’ll form any kind of coalition with David Cameron.

There is a clear message that we need to communicate to every voter in Romsey, Solihull and Torbay who is wavering between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats: There is only one way to end the years of Labour incompetence and that is to vote for David Cameron’s new Conservative Party.  The Conservatives won’t keep Brown in power.  The Liberal Democrats want to.

The Guardian presents the Brown-Campbell talks as a desire for a new era of bipartisanship.  In reality it is a scheme to keep the left in power in Britain for at least another parliament.  Conservatives need to spell out what that means in terms of a soft approach to crime, still higher taxes and a failure to address the root causes of social injustice.

10.30am postscript: It is interesting that The Guardian’s front page splash is only
attributed to a ‘Staff Reporter’.  Normally it’s only very small
stories that are credited in this way.  It is likely that The
Guardian’s source needed protecting and hiding the name of the
journalist might aid this and frustrate any leak investigation.  Gordon
Brown is seen as an unforgiving man and the responsible reporter may also have
wanted to stay out of his bad books.

It appears that there’ll be an early test of Lib-Lab co-operation because of the death of Labour’s Ealing Southall MP Piara Khabra.  The LibDems are in second place in the seat and if the yellow peril are up to their usual tricks their byelection machine will already be in full swing before Mr Khabra’s funeral.

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