Although it’s been an unhappy month for our party there is, as I have argued, no need for panic.  Brown is beatable and Team Cameron are beginning to take the kind of steps that will bring the conservative coalition together.  The most notable steps are the crunchy policy announcements, the appointment of Andy Coulson and the ‘Whitelaw’ roles being given to Fox, Hague and Davis.  The real leader in trouble is Ming Campbell.  The Tories at 37% in yesterday’s YouGov poll could be doing better but after the last few weeks that’s not a bad rating.  The LibDems at 14% are not.  Today’s Times reports that Ming is to be relaunched as a "pinstripe radical".  The party is to become more "spiky".  Oh dear.  The amazing thing is how LibDem MPs are willing to tolerate this state of affairs.

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