During the leadership race the ‘Good Week, Bad Week’ feature was very popular.  It returns today and every Friday…

Good week: Chris Grayling and Michael Gove were both tipped for higher things. ConservativeHome identified Chris Grayling as a leading candidate to replace Francis Maude as the next Party Chairman and Iain Dale tipped Michael Gove (fresh from his success over HIPS) to replace David Willetts at Education. Monmouth MP David Davies has also had a good week. His blog posts on the Cornerstone site have been must-reads. We have featured two of them on ConservativeHome (on building more prisons and making foreign visitors pay for NHS treatment).  He’s written today about enforcing the law against female circumcision.

Bad week: Ming Campbell. The LibDem leader’s week began with a 14% opinion poll rating. There was then ludicrous talk
of him being relaunched as "the pinstripe radical".  It ended with
LibDem MPs furious that he had held secret talks with Gordon Brown
about ministerial positions. CCHQ was handed the propaganda gift
of being able to present Britain’s third party as being instinctively willing to prop up Labour. On
GMTV this Sunday Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies will say that there
are “real rumblings” about Ming Campbell’s leadership and that the
Ashdown-Brown affair had been “a bit messy…the whole thing smells of
backroom deals.”

The museums row also made this week a bad week for Hugo Swire.

Roundabout week:
Webcameron. The frequency of posting has deteriorated significantly. It took three days to get footage of David Cameron’s Tooting speech uploaded. A chat with Michael Heseltine took a similar length of time although yesterday’s NHS speech was up more quickly. The site is in danger of making the dead tree press look fast.

Issue of the week: Will there, won’t there? Be a referendum that is. The whole row threatens to be a big cloud over Brown’s honeymoon.  Dan Hannan is sure that there won’t be a referendum from Labour.

PS I wanted to call this feature ‘Montie’s No-Spin Review Of The Week’ but Sam said ‘no’.

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