The petition which you can sign here is supported by an article from Dan Hannan MEP.  This is the beginning of Dan’s excellent piece:

"Suppose – and you might not find this easy – that you
were a committed Euro-federalist. Imagine that you wanted the EU to go
the whole hog, totus porcus, toward statehood. What would you have most
wanted to get out of the recent Brussels summit?

fact, much of your work would already have been done. The EU currently
possesses many of the attributes and trappings of nationhood: a
parliament, a supreme court, a passport, a currency, a national anthem,
a flag, external borders. There are, though, four more pieces to slot
into the jigsaw before the EU can properly call itself a sovereign

First, a head of state.
Second, a foreign policy, complete with a foreign minister, a
diplomatic corps and accredited embassies. Third, a system of criminal
justice, including a European Public Prosecutor and a police force.
Fourth, the "legal personality" of an independent government, which
confers treaty-making powers and the right to sit in international

All these things are in the draft
"Reform Treaty" – along with the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the
abolition of some 40 national vetoes, new powers for the European
Parliament and a 30 per cent reduction in Britain’s ability to block
new initiatives…"

Read the rest here.

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