"Constitutional reform" was penned on to Gordon Brown’s grid for today but the breaking news that the Metropolitan Police has disabled a car bomb in Haymarket will change all of that.  The new Prime Minister has just been on television promising vigilance and he will undoubtedly use this event to make it clear that he will continue the Blair-Blunkett-Reid approach to security.  The Sun will certainly get behind any attempt to increase police powers to detain without trial for a longer period.  One of the most important appointments that David Cameron will make next week in his expected reshuffle will be a replacement for Patrick Mercer.

11.20am: "One of the great delusions of our time is that once Blair, in the UK case, and Bush, in the American one, stepped down from office the terrorist threat would disappear. The news that a car bomb attack was foiled in London last night illustrates just how wrong this belief was." (James Forsyth on The Spectator blog).

2pm: "Tory leader David Cameron has pledged to "work as closely as I can" with the government to make the country safe, after a car bomb was found in London.  He said the discovery was "a reminder of the huge threat that we face as a country from terrorism"." (BBC)

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