Freedom_info_rgbAfter the outrage following the successful passage of David Maclean’s amendment to the Free
dom of Information Bill, David Cameron said the Conservative Lords would vote against it. Maclean later made it clear that expenses would be excluded (the quad bike issue necessitated it) but still had trouble finding a Lord to sponsor it, although it looked like Lord Trefgarne would pick up the baton at one stage.

A bill has to be sponsored within twelve sitting days of it being introduced to the Lords. That deadline expired last night and the Public Bill Office confirmed that, fortunately, no-one had come forward.

That this amendment could pass through the Commons but not find a single backer in the Lords symbolises the disparity in principle between the two Houses. Whether down to the whips having less control or the nature of the individual peers, it often seems that when the Commons is a cold house for a mainstream view (particularly socially conservative ones), "the other place" will provide shelter.

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