Cameron_pmqsAfter paying tribute to the late Piara Khabra Cameron hit Blair with six questions in a row on the prisons "scandal", repeatedly asking him when he was told that the total number of prisoners would exceed 80000. In what became a slightly angry exchange Blair didn’t answer but said that year-on-year projections had been exceeded and that there had been a 25% increase in sentencing.

Being Blair’s penultimate PMQs, Brown came up a lot. Cameron blamed him for the fact that more prisoners had been released this year than the entire prison population of Australia, saying "The person sat next to him [Blair] is the one responsible" for reduced funding for prisons. Brown later cheered enthusiastically when Blair said that the only reason money can be invested in public services in Scotland was because of his management of the economy.

Leaning forward onto his Despatch Box he forcefully finished with: "Shouldn’t he apologise just this once for what can only be described as an abject failure to deliver".

Menzies Campbell struggled to be heard in asking if it’s right that "private equity executives pay tax at a lower rate than those who clean their offices" and saying it would be fair to offer tax cuts for those on low incomes.

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