3.15pm: Harriet Harman attacks Cameron as weak and opportunistic – rejects his finger-wagging about the family – his support for marriage and wearing of yellow rubber gloves – Cameron is only interested in women for one thing, she says – their votes.

3.05pm: Iain Dale’s response – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

2.55pm: Blears went out first – Peter Hain next – Surprisingly Benn next – Then Cruddas (who led on first round first preferences) – FINAL PERCENTAGES WERE HARRIET HARMAN WITH 50.3% AND ALAN JOHNSON 49.7%.  She won on the back of members’ votes – Johnson led on trade unions and parliamentarians.

2.40pm: Both Sky and BBC News 24 are saying that Harriet Harman has been elected. The 2IC of Labour is now an opponent of the Iraq war.

On Radio 4’s The World This Weekend Nick Robinson has just speculated that Harriet Harman might have been elected Deputy Labour Leader.  Only Jon Cruddas has been to the left of the woman who was ejected from her Work & Pensions perch in 1998 after comprehensively failing to master her brief.  During the contest Ms Harman has adopted positions on the Iraq war, nuclear power and Trident that are clearly at odds with the Brown-Blair years.  The speculation is only that but if confirmed it would bring a smile to Mr Cameron’s face.

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