Open Europe‘s photo of European leaders with their ears shut to their peoples’ opinions has just been on the BBC1’s Six’o’clock News.  To coincide with the EU summit, Open Europe have commissioned an ICM poll of 1,000 people that shows overwhelming support for a referendum:

  • 86% of all voters want their say on a new transfer of powers to the EU;
  • 83% of Labour voters want a referendum, as do 88% of Lib-Dem and Tory voters;
  • 43% of Labour voters say they will be “definitely less likely” to vote for Brown if he denies the British people a referendum;
  • 65% of all voters told ICM that they would vote against a new treaty that transfers additional powers to the EU;
  • Given a three way choice, only 15% of voters would support more powers for the EU.  49% supported less powers for the EU.

A poll by by Populus for Global Vision puts support for a referendum at 83%.  Ruth Lea of Global Vision will be addressing the issue of the EU’s ‘not-the-constitution’ in an article for tomorrow’s YourPlatform.

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