In our last survey we asked members to name one MP they would like to see in this summer’s predicted Shadow Cabinet reshuffle.  Your favourite five are:

1.  Graham Brady
2.  Michael Gove
3.  Patrick Mercer
4.  Nadine Dorries
5.  Kenneth Clarke

Graham Brady, the former Shadow Europe Minister who recently controversially resigned over the grammar schools debate, topped the survey by a large margin.  The survey was released whilst the issue was still very much ongoing, so the results reflect those strong feelings.  Michael Gove, currently Shadow Minister for Housing has had some success opposing the government’s HIPs scheme recently, came second .  Third-placed Patrick Mercer was sacked as Shadow Minister for Homeland Security (a position that is yet to be filled) over comments which allegedly condoned racism in the army, so the reasons for his nomination are similar to Brady’s.  Nadine Dorries, probably the backbencher with the most media mentions due to her hugely popular blog, gained as many votes as veteran MP Kenneth Clarke, head of the democracy task force that launched a major report recently (after the survey).

An interesting trend to come from the survey, was the prevalence of MPs from the 2005 intake.  Besides Michael Gove, and Nadine Dorries, MPs Ed Vaizey, Nick Herbert, Grant Shapps and Justine Greening were also given considerable Shadow Cabinet recommendations.

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