After a brief tribute from the Father of the House Tony Blair ends by making a speech paying tribute to the House of Commons.  All sides of the Commons stand and applaud Tony Blair as he walks about.

In what has to be one of the lowest points in public service broadcasting BBC2’s Daily Politics coverage stops halfway through the Prime Minister’s concluding remarks to cut to Wimbledon.  I have now switched to Sky.

12.29pm: Rev Ian Paisley concludes by making a speech (The Speaker indulges him) – thanking him for the progress made in Northern Ireland. 

12.26pm: David Blunkett thanks the Prime Minister for everything he has done.  Tony Blair in return thanks the former Home Secretary for his work in tackling the causes of crime.

12.23pm: Another Winterton – Nicholas – tells him that the majority of Britons feel betrayed by him into the suffocating bureaucracy of the EU.  If he and his successor really believe in trusting the people the Government should grant a referendum.  Tony Blair disagrees in his answer and wishes ‘Au revoir’ to Mr Winterton.  The House erupts into laughter.

12.22pm: LibDem Richard Younger-Ross asks about disestablishment.  Tony Blair declines to answer.

12.21pm: PM makes joke about receiving his P45.

12.18pm: Ann Clywd thanks the Prime Minister for ridding the world of Saddam.

12.15pm: Ann Winterton asks a question about under-resourcing of armed forces.

12.14pm: Barbed question from Labour backbencher Jeremy Corbyn about the need for troop withdrawals from Iraq.

12.12pm: Ming asks about Iraq and Afghanistan and then pays tribute to Tony Blair for his courteous dealings with him at all times.

12.11pm: Tony Blair responds in kind – wishing David Cameron and his family well.  Cameron gave Mr Blair no opportunity for Quentin Davies taunts.  Mr Davies watched the exchanges from the Labour benches.

12.10pm: David Cameron paid tribute to Tony Blair for his public service and, in particular, his work in Northern Ireland and for the developing world.  In a perfectly-pitched fifth question he wishes Tony Blair and his family well for the future.  Well done, Mr Cameron.  Statesmanlike.

12.07pm: Cameron’s third question focused on Israel and Tony Blair’s possible new role in the Middle East.  Cameron then raises the captivity of BBC journalist Alan Johnston. Tony Blair repeats general principles of Middle East Peace Process.

12.05pm: David Cameron begins by asking about the flooding.  Tony Blair replies by saying that flood defences are going to require a lot more investment in the years to come.

12.04pm: Tony Blair defines socialism as about being a philosophy for the many, not the few.

12.01pm: David Burrowes MP asks about Labour’s NHS record.  I wonder if the question came from a Facebooker?

Noon: PMQs begins with tributes to the latest three dead in Iraq and then makes a bigger tribute to Britain’s armed forces: "They are the bravest and the best."

Blair wearing a red tie. Brown a blue tie.

11.58am: The Daily Politics is talking about the lucky brogues that a superstitious Prime Minister believes are crucial to his PMQs performances.

11.55am: Cherie Booth and the four children are in the gallery watching.

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