ConservativeHome has been a long-standing advocate of missile defence.  Liam Fox’s intervention in the debate – off the back of yesterday’s warning from Putin that he’ll retarget European nations if the US goes ahead with its missile defence plans – is therefore very welcome.  This is what the Shadow Defence Secretary has said:

"We are fully supportive of the principle of a Missile Defence system in Europe. The threat of nuclear proliferation, such as we now see in Iran, is underlying the need to look very seriously at such a system. This decision should be taken on its merits.  No other country, including Russia, can have a veto over our security and that of our allies."

As George W Bush sits down with President Putin at the G8 summit in Germany he needs to communicate two key messages: (1) The proposed missile shield is a defensive mechanism; and (2) Russia could share the protection offered by the system.  Japan is already involved in the design and delivery of missile defence and the US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has reportedly suggested that China could become a partner, too.  As an editorial in today’s Investor’s Business Daily concludes: the shield is our best weapon against the imminent danger of nuclear proliferation amongst rogue states.

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