AboutyouWe asked an unusual set of questions at the end of the May survey of ConservativeHome readers.  We sought to find out a little more about your social attitudes.  For 1,294 Tory members their views are posted in the green box above.

The poll points to a Tory membership that is more respectful of same-sex unions than many critics might think.  Two-thirds would attend a civil partnership ceremony.

The finding that surprised and disappointed me was that only 34.4% of members believed that immigration had largely been good for Britain.  Sam Coates and I both voted that it had.  We agree with David Cameron that "we wouldn’t be half the country we are without immigration."  My guess – and hope – is that the low number may reflect concern at the recent uncontrolled levels of immigration.  Grateful, as always, for your views… Well, most of them anyway.

The steak-eaters at ConservativeHome are delighted to learn that only 3.2% of our readers are herbivores.  Very good news!

10.15am update:

  • It appears that the vegetarians in the sample are less likely to regular ride a bike!  13.2% of the veggies regularly ride a bicycle compared to 16% overall.  Your fellow vegetarians are not very green Peter, Graeme and Drussila!
  • The churchgoers are more likely to give to an international development charity.  43.9% have given money to an overseas aid cause compared to 30.0% overall.  They’re less likely (48.9%) to attend a civil partnership ceremony.
  • If you believe that immigration has largely been good for Britain you are much less likely to be dissatisfied with David Cameron – 24% compared to 39% overall.
  • I could spend all day producing these kinds of stats but must now write up the Clarke-Cameron press conference…

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