Former Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd has written an interesting historical article for this week’s Spectator, entitled "Peel, not Disraeli, is the true model for Cameron". He contrasts Peel’s record as Prime Minister (the subject of a book he is releasing a week tomorrow) very favourably with that of Disraeli:

Benjamin Disraeli


  • The man for style
  • An engaging speaker with substantial wit and imagination
  • Evergreen fame, frequently quoted by Conservative leaders
  • Introduced an undramatic series of social measures

Sir Robert Peel


  • The man for substance
  • Dull speaker driven by a relentless appetite for facts
  • Awkward and aloof in his political relationships
  • Record of achievements second to none

The wounding perception that David Cameron is more style than substance is presumably what Hurd is getting at, but if he is elected Prime Minister and achieves half as much as Peel did, he will remembered fondly.

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