This from Mr Davies on today’s Cornerstone blog:

"The government funded “Visit Britain” website which is supposed to generate money for our nation, actually advertises to the world that “you are eligible for free emergency treatment in the Accident and Emergency departments of National Health Service hospitals.”! It goes on to state that foreign visitors (with many exceptions) will be charged for after-care. But of course nobody ever pays. An official might make a half-hearted attempt to chase up a large debt from someone living in the third world who has given a false name and address. He or she will fail…

A simple measure would put a halt to much of this abuse. We should insist that absolutely everyone arriving here from outside the EU, should be in receipt of a verifiable health insurance document that could be checked by immigration officials.  At a stroke we would put an end to a great deal of freeloading on our public services.  The idea is so simple it needs no more than a sentence to sum it up. It would be fair and would do no more than to bring Britain into line with the rest of the world. It would save the NHS tens of millions of pounds each year which could instead be spent treating British patients."

Earlier today we highlighted the Conservative priorities for the NHS.

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