I bore for Britain in recommending that the party embraces ‘the politics of and’.  The persistence may be paying off.  At a dinner with Tory MPs last night the Conservative leader announced that he was a believer in ‘the politics of and’ rather than of ‘or’!

David Cameron gave three examples of the And theory:

  • He said that the party would be committed to protecting the environment and would be a party of free enterprise;
  • A party that was tough on crime and its causes – particularly family breakdown;
  • A party that would campaign for a referendum on the new European Treaty and would prioritise international development.

The shadow cabinet minister who rang me this morning saw the move as an attempt to reassure Conservative right-wingers that the agenda of the party would be balanced.  There will be two key ‘moderniser messages’ – the environment and the NHS – and two ‘core vote messages’ – crime and the family.

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