The TaxPayers’Alliance and Isitfair organised an eye-catching joint campaign today, involving a crowd of placard-waving supporters handing thousands of council tax forms, accompanied by letters, to 10 Downing Street and the Treasury. For so many people to send their forms in shows the huge strength of feeling on Council Tax. Each one will have to be responded to individually.

Blair Gibbs, the TPA’s Campaign Director, describes what happened:

"The TaxPayers’ Alliance, along with Isitfair, today handed in the petition from their ‘Brown Envelope Campaign’ at 11 Downing Street and the Treasury.  Thousands of taxpayers from across the country took part in the campaign in protest at ever increasing council tax, a tax that has increased by 91% under Labour, by sending a photocopy of their latest inflation-busting council tax bill along with a letter of protest to the TPA offices.  Sky News, press photographers and the BBC covered our march from our offices at 43 Old Queen Street to Downing Street and then on to the Treasury to deliver the bundles of brown envelopes.

Holding placards made by the TPA team, we received a good reception from cab drivers, bus passengers and even a Treasury security guard.  One socialist decided to have a pop, but seeing as he was the only one among hundreds we passed who was in favour of high taxes and keeping our pensioners in miserable poverty, we know the British people are on our side in the fight against high taxes.  And the fight goes on…"

ConservativeHome took part in the protest and made this short video of it:

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